other exciting MBTI® services:

MBTI®Complete - this is the
most basic interpretation of
your personality type.

MBTI® Work Styles Report
(designed for 2 people)

MBTI ®Interpretive Report
for Organizations

MBTI® Spanish (N. Am.) products
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step II® for personality profiles is
used by 89 of Fortune 100 companies.

This version of the MBTI®  has
144 questions and the good
news is that you can stop taking the Indicator at any time, lock
in your progress, and you can resume the Indicator from where
you left off - and you can do this as many times as you wish
until completion.
Strong Interest Inventory® for career exploration (newly
revised) is widely considered to be the gold standard in its field.

The SII has a whopping
291 questions, but like the MBTI® -
the good news is that you can pause at any time while taking
the Inventory, lock in your progress, and resume the Inventory
at the point where you left off. And you can do this as many
times as you wish until completion.

and other exciting new services

Strong Interest Inventory®

  • see other pages for
 detailed explanations
newley revised to reflect contemporary
professions and the new ways we work.
Global Research Form means
that the MBTI in these two
languages are in the final
stages of being tested for
reliability and validity. Thus far,
the results of these 'R & V'
studies look extraordinarily

  • on-line administration of career/personality inventories and learning styles.

  • we use the two most powerful and credible tools available, the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)...used by 89 out of
    Fortune 100 companies...and the newly revised Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) - widely considered to be the gold standard in
    career exploration. In addition, we are proud to announce the debut of the newly revised Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for
    Children® aka the 'M-tick'  (MMTIC®)... which is primarily focused on learning styles of children.

  • results are electronically delivered direct to your computer via a PDF file, within a few minutes of processing. And/or, if you
    wish, we can print-out copies and UPS them to you for a small additional charge.

  • with our highest-end service - a one-time personal discussion of your results with you via phone at no additional charge.

  • workshops and seminars for:  educators - corporations - team-building for the above individual and relationship inventories.
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what we do
After years of exhaustive testing for reliability and validity, the MBTI Step I®
(it's most basic form) is now offered in the following languages:

  • English - both North American and British
  • Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish
  • Dutch, German and French,
  • Italian and Greek
  • Castilian Spanish and European Portuguese

  • as well as...
  • Russian (Global Research Form)
  • Polish (Global Research Form)
And yet, another new and
exciting development...
they've put the
MBTI® and the Strong Interest
together in the
same document
click here to see a sample

go directly to the page that fully
explains this combo document
As well, the MBTI® - Step II -
which is a very sophisticated
"deep drilling" version of the
standard MBTI
® is also now
available in 9 (mostly European)
....and now...introducing the MBTI® in many European languages !
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The newest (2008) revision to the already highly
Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for
is here. It's affectionally referred to as the
MMTIC'®  (M-tick). Every student learns differently
which, of course, is a reflection of their individuality.
Personality type has profound implications for both
early learning success as well as healthy type
development. In keeping with this, MMTIC
® results
give children, teenagers and parents alike valuable
insights into differences in learning styles, i.e., how
information is taken in and decisions are made - as
well as healthy social interactions.
children's learning styles
together in the
same document.