informational note: all versions of the Strong Interest Inventory are the exact same assessment. Stated in another way... when
taking the Inventory,
all 291 questions are exactly the same for each version. The differences are in the printed results. By
design, some are brief (the
Profile and the iStartStrong series), and some are comprehensive, such as the Interpretive Report.  
In addition, depending upon which targeted group each Strong is being written for, the last four pages of each are differentiated
according to their situational variables in life.
Q: again...what's the difference' between the iStartStrong and Strong Profile series?
Answer: In an effort to reflect the times we're in and the new ways we live, the market research folks at CPP (the publishers
of the Strong) found that many people do not like information displayed linearly via charts and graphs and numbers (as the
Profile series does).This seems to be especially true with younger clientel. As a result of these findings, the
iStartStrong was
created. Being highly visual, colorful, and interactive,
iStartStrong was also designed to be an 'easier - faster read'. And as part
of this new model of displaying information,
iStartStrong version has embedded within it, a large amount of "live links". These
clickable links easily transport you to highly valuable websites to help in your career exploration efforts.

Again, however, it should be emphasized that whether the end product is the Strong Interest Inventory Profile or the
iStartStrong version, both are generated from the same exact data (the person's answers to the same 291 questions). Bottom
line: some people like charts and graphs and while others like a more aesthetically pleasing, faster-moving model.      
Strong Interest Inventory®
widely considered to be the gold standard in career search assessments
Our two most basic offerings:
both are the same price: $38.00 each (see below to order)
Strong (classic)
where information
is displayed linearly
(charts and graphs)
like this
highly visual...colorful...and...interactive
aka: lots of 'live' (clickable) links...
like this one
so...for those who like
information displayed in a
highly visual way...and with
lots of clickable links, here
are some screen captures
of the

What you  see to the left
and below, are samples of
what the pages look like in
the  classic Strong Interest
Profile  - with charts and
graphs and numbers type
of (linear) information. If it
is your choice to have both
displays, you can order the
two of them  (below) at a
substantial discount.
The charts and graphs display of the (classic) Strong Interest Inventory
Please note that as a result of a revision of the publisher's ethics
policy in March 2013, all purchases of MBTI & Strong products
must be accompanied by a scheduled consultation session
before results can be given. BecomeWhoYouAre prefers
SKYPE without the camera or a phone conversation.