• The Strong® and MBTI® Career Report leverages the latest research on both instruments and combines the results of
    more than 68,000 individuals who have completed the Strong® with 92,000 individuals who have completed the MBTI®
    assessment. The highly intuitive 22 page report includes four pages of individualized, interactive content for starting a
    career, considering a career change, looking for career enrichment, or for those who are seeking work-life-balance.
Now...together at last...
both the MBTI
® and the Strong Interest Inventory® in the same document!
FYI - the MBTI-Strong combined report does not come in the high school edition
..and now...a high value offer
Some things are just meant to be together
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Finally after all these decades, the newly revised Strong Interest
Inventory® and the continually improved MBTI empowers you
to see a complete career development picture based on a fusion
of your interests and personality.  

The newly revised Strong Interest Inventory® in conjunction
with your MBTI® results is truly a comprehensive career
exploration package.

Written with the knowledge of your MBTI® results in mind, this
report identifies occupations with emphasis on those suggested
by both instruments.  

This is a newly created truly different third document...one
which has been purposely written to seamlessly interweave your
Strong® and MBTI® results. It's not just two pre-existing
separate documents that were cobbled together for convenience
sake. This new document is a true fusion of your MBTI and
Strong preferences.
Please note that if
you decide to take
advantage of this
offer, you will be
clicking only
one of
  • Just so you are not confused...what is being offered here is as follows: any basic version of the MBTI (which costs $38)
    and any basic version of the Strong Interest Inventory (also $38) will then be combined in a highly intuitive combined
    report (a third document) for a grand total of $94.00. Bottom line is that should you choose to take advantage of this
    opportunity, this combined report will only be costing you an additional $18.00. This is very close to our costs. So why are
    we doing this? Because we are so very proud of this brand new MBTI & Strong combined report that we want to promote it
    as part of our product mix. Please note, the basic MBTI we are speaking of here, must be in American English in order to
    take advantage of this offer.
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Please note that as a result of a revision of the publisher's ethics
policy in March 2013, all purchases of MBTI & Strong products
must be accompanied by a scheduled consultation session
before results can be given. BecomeWhoYouAre prefers
SKYPE without the camera or a phone conversation.