The MBTI® Step I - Career Report
(completely revised) is aimed at
those who are newer to the
employment world. It shows you
how your personality type affects
your career exploration and
discusses the benefits of choosing
a job that is a good fit for
that you will be working in your
comfort zone, so-to-speak.

One of the most helpful points
about this report is that it lists (in
general) preferred work tasks and
work environments - as well as the
most popular and least popular
occupations for your particular
personality type. This updated
report also includes expanded
coverage of popular fields such as
business, health care, computer
technology, and high-level
executive and managerial

For those who are inclined to go
into great depth re: career
exploration, please note that one of
our other offerings - the Strong
Interest Inventory - is considered
to be the gold standard in career
The MBTI® Step I - Work Styles
is designed for two people.  
Specifically, it is designed for two
people who are in an organization and
(perhaps) need to appreciate each
other's work styles and learn to work
together more effectively.

As every employer knows, conflicts
between employees within an
organization can jeopardize morale,
efficiency and employee retention.

The MBTI® Step I Work Styles Report
offers a good starting point from
which to address these points of
friction. The report can help
employees to understand type, thus
leading to a more positive work

Please note that to order this report,
individuals must have taken some
form of the MBTI® and must have
verified their type.
MBTI® Step I - Interpretive Report
for Organizations
. From an
organizational perspective, this
specially developed report has high
value. Simply put, you can generate
shareholder value by building on
employee strengths and developing
target areas identified in this report.
The report includes all the Profile data
and a brief introduction to personality
type and discusses the connection
between a person's personality type

  • leadership styles
  • preferred work environments
  • communication styles and
  • problem-solving approaches.

Like the MBTI® Interpretive Report,
this report is based on the standard
four-letter personality type results. It
can be generated using employees'
item responses on the assessment,
called reported type, but is preferably
generated via the usage of verified

This report is ideal for organizational
development and team-building
MBTI® special use assessments (work styles, etc.)

In addition, with each of the above purchases, you will receive a 29 page (no, that's not a missprint) narrative describing those
who are quintessentially your type of personality coupled with a description of your working style. Although these narratives are  
generic descriptions of those who share your personality and work style characteristics - your name will appear on the header of
each and every page. Of the 16 identified MBTI personalities, we have decided to offer as samples two of them...ENFP...and
ISTJ - because they are complete opposites. Here they are:
$78.00 per
MBTI  Step I  
Organizational Report
per employee
MBTI  Step I  
Work Styles Report
MBTI  Step I  
Career Report
This report is 9 pages in length.
This report is 14 pages long.
This report is 9 pages long.
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                        This (above) product is in currently in development

Be better at guiding your students to richer, more fulfilling academic experiences and career
choices. The MBTI® Profile, College Edition furnishes a summary of your student's MBTI
results, allowing a counselor or private practitioner the ability to tailor interpretation and
feedback sessions to your student's needs. It provides reported type, explanations of the
preferences, characteristics frequently associated with the type, and an easy-to-read graph
displaying the preference clarity index.
Please note that as a result of a revision of the publisher's ethics
policy in March 2013, all purchases of MBTI & Strong products
must be accompanied by a scheduled consultation session
before results can be given. BecomeWhoYouAre prefers
SKYPE without the camera or a phone conversation.