MBTI® Step II - Profile (only). In terms of what deep insights
it gives to you regarding your personality, this is our "next to
best" informational tool.  

Specifically, what separates the Step II inventories from the
other MBTI® offerings is that the Step II (even in this
shortened Profile version) gives you a deeper awareness about
you on a personal level that many call simply amazing. The
inventory asks you 144 questions compared to the 93
questions of the Step I genre'. Due to a minimum maturity
level required for this assessment, you
must be 18 years old to
purchase the Step II and have it administrated on-line.

Whereas all of the previously described versions of the MBTI®
describe your personality via the standard four letter types, ex.
extraversion, intuition, etc., the Step II Profile gives an
overview of 5 highly specific sub-scales on
each of these four
standard letters. Examples are as follows: expressiveness and
gregariousness are two of the five sub-scales of extroversion,
while abstractness and imagination are two sub-scales of

Since each of the four standard letters has 5 sub-scales, this
means you will receive a grand total of 20 extra insights about
yourself with the Step II Profile.

Finally, these 20 sub-scales are graphed and briefly described.
The MBTI® Step II Profile concludes with an interpreter's
summary, which provides you with your results as well as the
average range of scores of people who are the same as your
MBTI® type. Although only 4 pages in length, this report
presents you with a wealth of information.
MBTI® advanced level personality assessments
MBTI® Step II - Interpretive Report (for individuals) is
the most sophisticated and comprehensive version of
our Myers - Briggs Type Indicator® offerings. It is the
"Rolls-Royce" of our MBTI® family, so-to-speak.

There are 144 questions, 93 of which are the same
exact questions in the MBTI Step l. As you might well
imagine, however, the results of the Step ll is a much
more "deeper drilling" of insights into your personality.
Used by 89 of Fortune 100 companies - the MBTI Step ll
is 18 pages in length. Again, that's an 18 page highly
detailed report about you personally! To repeat, due to
a minimum maturity level required for this assessment,
must be 18 years old to purchase the Step II and
have it administrated on-line.

As with all of our on-line personality and career
inventories, once you've started this assessment, you
are free to stop at anytime...lock in your progress...and
log-off. When you log back on, you simply enter your ID
number (given to you when you had previously
logged-off). And until completion, you can keep doing
this as many times as you'd like.

Via your decision to purchase the MBTI® Step II -
Interpretive Report, once you reach this level of highly
personalized information,
you will automatically be
given up to one hour phone time regarding your results
These phone conversations are usually end up being 35
to 45 minutes long...and no...we don't time you! For a
highly detailed explanation of the MBTI
® - Step ll        
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MBTI  Step II - Profile
MBTI  Step II - Interpretive Report for Individuals
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