Hello again.  

If  you're curious about taking the MBTI® and/or the Strong® and MMTIC® are (naturally) wondering how this whole thing
works,you're on the correct page. For record, what you're reading now is the longer version of what already appears on our
FAQs (common questions) page...see navigation bar above.

Assuming you want to go forward and take one or more of these assessments...below, we divide this explanation process into
talking points. Before we begin, however, please understand that
100% of what we do here at become who you are.net - as
well as your participation -
takes place electronically. That is, you take these assessments on-line...get your results on-line.
There are no physical mail-ins...mail-outs...none of that.

Point 1. Once you have paid for the version(s) of the MBTI® and/or the Strong® and MMTIC® you intend to take, our
computers are notified of this - and of course, your computer receives confirmation that you have paid. At that point,
we will
send you a username and password
to enter the web-site of CPP (Consulting Psychologists Press) - the publisher of both the
MBTI® and the Strong Interest Inventory®. They are located in Palo Alto, California. In the case of the MMTIC®, there is a
different publisher. They are CAPT (Center for Applications of Type) and they're located in Gainesville, Florida. And finally, if one
of our customers is taking the MBTI® in a language other than American English, we will direct you (along with a different set
of usernames and passwords) to the folks at OPP (Oxford Psychologists Press) in London who hold the copyright for the MBTI®  
in Europe. Once you are inside their web-sites, you begin taking the assessment(s).

Point 1a. As far as payment, in addition to the usual 'pay with your debit and/or credit card methods', we also use PayPal.  
Read more about both of them at the bottom of this page. They're the best...and no one is paying us to say these things!
Research has convincingly shown that shoppers are far more comfortable buying online when their account data is not shared
with retailers and that's exactly the case with PayPal. And then there's the convenience. Three clicks and you're done!
Point 2. (in an anticipation of your question:) Yes, you are indeed allowed to temporarily stop taking any or all of the
assessments we offer. To say it another way - you are not required to finish any of these assessments all-in-one-episode. You
can stop anytime and come back whenever you want...days later...weeks later if you wish. How it works is: when you temporarily
log-off, your progress is automatically entered and (this is quite important)....you will be given an I. D. number. Be sure to write
down this I.D. number as you will absolutely need it to log back on to resume where you had previously stopped.   

Point 3. (in anticipation of another question you may have). Say, for example, you have paid us and you start taking the
assessment. With the emphasis on the condition that you have not yet completed the assessment - (a very important point) -
you decide, "this is not for me" and you are hoping to get your money back. Can you get your money back? Yes, 100% of it. That
is, (repeat) if you have not completed the MBTI® or Strong up to that point. To (perhaps) beg the point, once you have
completed the MBTI® and/or Strong® or MMTIC®and all your data has been processed and downloaded, then the answer to
the preceeding question is you will be charged. Now...back to the scenario of "this is not my cup of tea" - as long as it's before
completion of the MBTI® and/or Strong® or MMTIC®. The return of your money will be channeled to the exact same account
from which it was originally debited. This, according to the credit/debit card companies, will take 3 to 4 business days. Seems
"funny" they subtract any monies you spend via credit/debit cards instantaneously, but it takes them 3 to 4 days to get it back
into your account. Hummmm....    

okay...assuming you have completed the MBTI®and/or Strong Interest Inventory®....or Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for

Point 4. Once you are finished taking the MBTI® and/or Strong® or the MMTIC® , each of these publisher's servers notifies our
computer that you have completed it. At that point, as soon as we can (almost never more than six hours) we send your results
to you via a PDF file. As you probably know by now, PDF files are so mainstream that it's relatively uncommon that an (on-line)
computer owner has not yet downloaded (for free) the capacity to read and display PDF files. Just as Microsoft Word is the
overwhelming choice for word processing, Adobe.com is the primary PDF distributor.      

a side-note on the quickness of this process: Convenience-wise, we all know that we live in an age of high expectations
of quick and quality-filled responses on the part of businesses - especially after you've already paid with your hard-earned money!
Allow us to say that we are very cognizant of this, and accordingly, we respond as quickly as we can. The fact is, however, for
the moment, we only know that you have paid by manually looking at our computer screens. And, of course, we respond
immediately thereafter by sending you the password to access the publishers' web-sites to begin the MBTI® and/or Strong® or

On the same topic, but equally as important....after you have completed the assessment and the publisher's server notifies us
that you have done so, we too, become aware of this in the same manner. Truth be told...for some people, waiting for up to six
hours for each of these things to happen doesn't sit well. And for this we apologize in advance. Toward this end, please
understand that we give the six hour number as a buffer. In the majority of cases, that six hour number only happens during the
overnight on the east coast of the U.S. The actual elapsed time for these things to take place is usually very much less.
Moreover, you noticed we used the phrase (above) "at the moment". All this will change in the next six months. The
programmers at the company that hosts our web-site are engaged in a robust effort of writing computer code so that in the very
near future, all of this will be (nearly) instantaneous. In other words, soon - but not yet - customers will receive (almost
immediately) the password to go ahead and start taking the assessment they have chosen - and paid for. Moreover, once our
new system is in place, once they have completed the MBTI® or Strong® or MMTIC®, they will receive their results in about 20
minutes. Until that happens, we hope you understand that we are heartily working towards that goal....and that we're a very
reputable company.  

Point 5 - (if it applies, for which it does not for most people). As we have mentioned...everyone's results are delivered
electronically (on-line via a PDF file). Everything is designed to be swift - and at the same time, economical. If you need physical
copies and are not in a situation where you can print them out, yes of course, we can get them to you. However, there will be an
extra charge of $25 if you are located inside the continental United States; $35 for Alaska, Hawaii and Canada; and $58 for
anywhere else in the world. In all cases, we use FedEx and UPS for these purposes.     

Point 6. And finally....we want to give to you, one of the most important pieces of advice on the actual physical process
of taking the MBTI
® and/or the Strong® or the MMTIC®. The operative phrase here is your "shoes-off self". Let us

In the "old days" - the days when people took the MBTI® and Strong® and MMTIC® with a pencil and paper and filled in bubble
sheets - individuals were strongly advised that the ideal situation for taking these instruments was/is in your favorite room of
your home, but only when you had/have quality time entirely to yourself. Now, on the surface, this last statement sounds a bit
"touchy-feeley"....perhaps a bit on the "fluffy" side.  In actuality, however, it is not.  

To borrow some words from this web-site's page on Validity and Reliability (in testing), in the world of experimental psychology,
both the MBTI® and the Strong® are what is known 'self-report inventories' This means a person fills out a questionnaire
without the help of anyone else.  Like all self-report inventories, these two assessments ask questions about situations in life,
and a person’s individual preferences, behaviors, etc. Therefore, if a person takes these assessments in an stress-ridden
environment - even if it's good stress, or manageable (routine) stress - by definition, they are not giving themselves the
opportunity to process their thoughts in an atmosphere where you can "think straight". On the contrary, things become rushed
and your thinking can become clouded. Toward this end, we respectfully request that you not, under any circumstances, take any
of these assessments while at work. As exemplified by this true story, the sister of Terry Marselle (
become who you are.net's
founder), took the MBTI® while at her job as a hospital floor nurse. She took it in small installments, during breaks and lunch.
Later, it was concluded that her results were thrown off, by the fact she was working (as every nurse knows) with lots of stress,
meds that had to be given at precise times, answering patient bedside calls etc. Lunch and breaks aside, she never got a chance
to decompress. It was later concluded that her MBTI® letters were ENFP, but she came out as an ESFJ. Two of her letters were
off simply because she didn't dedicate quality time to the administration of the MBTI®.

And so while we realize that it is increasingly difficult to find quality-filled down time without intrusive events occurring all around
you, we ask again that you take the MBTI® and/or Strong® or MMTIC®  in a place where you're in your comfort zone. Even if
you area multi-tasker, please pull the iPod plugs out, turn the cell phone off, and if it applies, make sure the children are not multi-
tasking. All-in-all, we want the  results of your MBTI® and Strong® or your student's MMTIC® to be as accurate as possible -
and most importantly, of course, so don't you.  
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