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As stated on our home page, Terry Marselle is the founder of our company. A life-long psychology teacher, it's
been only six years since he returned to his native Connecticut after being overseas for nearly 20 years -
teaching in the network of American (mostly embassy) schools. Before that, he taught in his local school district
in Connecticut for 15 years.  

Being overseas was a most exhilarating experience and Terry taught at the American Schools in Kuwait, Brasilia,
Manila, Paris, and  Mumbai (Bombay) India. His last posting was in Holland, The Netherlands at the American
School of The Hague.  

During his career, and especially while abroad, he found a niche in teaching mostly International Baccalaureate
(IB) Psychology and Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology to academically high-flying high school juniors and

Along the way, Terry has managed to parlay his deep love for psychology into what has become an equally
passionate and fulfilling second career. That is, Terry is a certified practitioner in personality testing using the
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
® (including the MBTI-Step II), the Murphy Meisgeier Type Indicator for
Children® (MMTIC™) as well as the Strong Interest Inventory
® - widely considered to be the gold standard
assessment in career exploration.

In the recent past, he has drawn accolades regarding his workshops from clients such as Marriott and
Renaissance Hotels, the State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services and from nearly every
overseas school he was employed by.

Terry continues to hold both of his teaching licenses in good standing - from the State of Connecticut and the
Commonwealth of Virginia. Currently, he teaches a full load of psychology classes (most of which are AP) in a
well-regarded central Connecticut school district. In addition, he is an adjunct faculty member in psychology at
one of Connecticut's Community Colleges. In January 2014, he received his second Master's Degree in Psychology.
This one was from the University of Hartford in General Psychology with an unofficial concentration in Childhood
Got time on your hands? Curious enough to have a look at Terry's
Master's thesis? It heavily involves both the MBTI and the MMTIC.
Terry offers it here for any and all to read.  It's "only" 106 pages of
actual reading, 208 pages if you count the reference and
appendices sections - but who's counting?   :)
Feel free to use it in any research paper, project, etc.
Just give me credit (reference it) where you should.

                                                                    Thanks. T.M.
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