Tribute to Mary McCaulley
Mary McCaulley
Terry Marselle and Mary McCaulley
If Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother were the combination of authors, pilot and co-pilot of the Myers-Briggs Type
Indicator® - then psychologist Dr. Mary McCaulley was almost certainly the navigator for the instrument. Perhaps,
an even better word would have been: missionary. Among other things, Mary gave the MBTI® scholarship. She
was instrumental in building professional and academic credibility for the MBTI®. In addition, to being academic
partners, it is quite an understatement to say that Isabel and Mary were kindred spirits.
Both of these photos were taken at the APT (Association for Psychological Type) convention in Scottsdale,
Arizona in July of 2001. I didn't know Mary at all, but as always, she made you feel as if you did. In retrospect,
I was delighted that she allowed me to have a photo taken with her - and of course, I cherish these photos
today. Too bad the background sunlight dominates this photo and places us somewhat in shadow. On the other
hand, that's exactly what Mary would have wanted. She didn't like being in the limelight.  T. M.
photo taken by Karen Johnson
photo taken by Karen Johnson