Murphy - Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children®
short bios of Elizabeth Murphy and Charles Meisgeier
Elizabeth Murphy is a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in education and relationship skills. An
accomplished educator, her doctorate is in educational psychology and special education - from the University of Houston -
while her M.Ed. from Trenton State College is in special education. Her B.A. in psychology is from Carlow College. Dr.
Murphy has taught preschool through college students as well as served as an administrator in special education. She is an
internationally recognized educational authority and her experience includes conducting training throughout the United
States, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia. As part of this experience, Dr. Murphy has
worked extensively with businesses to develop leadership training materials and designed presentations that support team
building, communication skills, and increased self-awareness.     

As she likes to be called...
Murph's true labor of love - as well as her greatest expertise - is her focus on learning styles and
the development of (personality) type in children through adulthood. As such, her contribution to - and leadership in - the
co-authoring of the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children reflects her unusual diversity of educational experience. In
1987, her dissertation won the Isabel Briggs Myers Research Award for her work related to the field of psychological type.
And in 1993, she received the Gordon Lawrence Award for contributions to personality type in education given by the
Association for Psychological Type. Dr. Murphy is also author and co-author of several books, journals, and bulletins about
the MMTIC and related topics. One of these books is The Developing Child.    

While a member in good standing in the Association for Psychological Type, Association of School Psychologists, Texas
Psychologists Association, Elizabeth maintains a private practice in Texas and serves as an independent consultant for
schools and organizations.   
Charles Meisgeier, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized educator and author who has developed programs that are designed
to address school behavior and learning problems - and to accommodate individual differences in the classroom. He served
in the U.S. Office of Education in Washington D.C. and has worked as a consultant to schools, colleges and agencies - and
has conducted workshops and training programs in the U.S. and Europe. He has been a teacher, principal and administrator.
Dr. Meisgeier is currently professor emeritus and founding chair of educational psychology at the University of Houston and
is director of The Arbor School. He has authored more than 125 publications and is a leader in the identification and
accommodation of personality type in children - and, of course, is the co-author of the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for
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