Murphy - Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children®
2018 newly revised and updated
Personality type has
profound implications for
both early learning
success as well as healthy
development. In keeping
with this, MMTIC® results
give children, teenagers
and parents valuable
insights into learning
differences, styles, i.e.,
how information is taken
in and decisions are
made... as well as healthy
social interactions.
MMTIC® reports are
designed for both
students (at three age
levels) and adults involved
in the student's
Every student learns differently - which, of course - is a reflection of their individuality.
Affectionately referred to as the the 'M-tick' - the MMTIC
®  is based on six decades of the
same research which underlies the world's most widely used personality assessment, the
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
® - also known as the MBTI®. In addition, to the empirical data
gained from MBTI
® studies, the MMTIC®, as a stand alone instrument, has been augmented
by 21 years of its own research (1987-2008) which was directed specifically toward  children in
grades 2 through 12. These latest studies (2002-2008) have culminated with the newest
version of the MMTIC
® with its own extraordinarily high rates of reliability and validity. The
result is an instrument which gives deep insights and explores positive approaches to personality
differences and learning styles.
Jane Kise, a highly regarded
educational consultant and
author  of differentiated
instruction, highlights the
assessments help both
teachers and students.
Teachers get a deeper
understanding of crucial
differences in how students
learn. Students get insights
into what kinds of learning
and social interactions they
are better at, plus strategies
to improve areas that are
challenging. Any of these
alone will lead to more
success in school."
Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children and MMTIC are registered trademarks of Elizabeth Murphy and Charles Meisgeier in the United States and other countries.

MMTIC Multicolored Hands © 2009 Center for Applications of Psychological Type.
Every Child Appreciated. Every Child Engaged is a registered trademark of the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
Created by internationally
renowned school
psychologists Elizabeth
Murphy, Ed.D, and Charles
Meisgeier, Ed.D, the
® assessment has
been in use since 1987. The
2008 revision incorporates
many significant advances
and can be completed
(online or on paper) in less
than 25 minutes.
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