short answer: The MBTI® Step l Profile gives information about you at the most
basic levels and is 2 pages in length. Step ll is a much more sophisticated version of
the MBTI
® and represents and much "deeper drilling" into insights about your
personality. Being a highly personalized narrative, the Step ll is, on average, 26
pages long. Before proceeding to other languages, however, perhaps you may wish
to see samples of each in North American English.

click here for sample of MBTI  Step l in North American English
the MBTI® in other languages
and now...we have exciting news....!   We proudly announce that for the first time,
both MBTI
® - Step I and Step II are able to be administered on-line in many languages.
The procedure is the same as the taking of every other assessment on our web-site. That is, just as there is one
publisher for the and Strong (CPP - Consulting Psychologists Press in Mountain View, California) and another for the
MMTIC (CAPT - Center for Applications of Psychological Type located in Gainesville, Florida...there is a third publisher
for the MBTI in Europe. Their name is OPP - Oxford Psychologists Press Ltd. and they are located in (you guessed it)
Oxford, England. OPP Ltd is licensed to publish the MBTI in Europe.

Click on the navigation bars (at the bottom of this page) to go directly to the order pages for each language.
MBTI Step I is offered in the following additional languages:

  • Danish - Dutch - English (UK) - Finnish - French - German - Greek - Italian

  • Norwegian - Portuguese (European) - Polish - Russian - Spanish (Castilian) - Swedish

Actually taking the MBTI Step l or Step ll
in other it works
Regarding pricing of these MBTIs in other languages...and yes, that includes U.K. English...there is an easy way to
calculate this. Whatever the price is for any American English MBTI Step l product, you can automatically double it and
that will be the price for that particular language you are interested in. For example, the MBTI Step l Profile (click on
the MBTI basic use navigation bar, above), the price is $38.00 for this two page document. Therefore, if available, the
equivalent in your choice of European languages is USD $78.00.

As for pricing on other languages for any MBTI Step ll products, the news gets a little better. Simply multipy the North
American English price by (roughly) 1.5 and that will give you the price for the same thing in European languages. For
example, in the case of the most expensive MBTI Step ll in American English, which is $98, that same document in
Dutch is USD 178.00.       

Why the dramatic difference in pricing between MBTIs in American English and their European counterparts?  The short
version: in relative terms, a very weak American dollar which is simultaneously competing with a very strong Euro.  
MBTI Step II is offered in the following languages:

  • Danish - Dutch - English (UK) - French - German - Swedish...and

  • Spanish (Castilian) is currently in its final reliability & validity testing stages
or go directly to any of the individual pages for each of these languages
The difference between the MBTI® Step l and Step ll?
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