MBTI® - Step I
in Finnish
MBTI® Step I - Profile - in Finnish
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MBTI® - Step II in Finnish
not yet
The MBTI® - Step ll in Finnish is not yet available. In fact, along with approximately 10 other
languages, it will probably not be available for several more years as there is lots of data-gathering
going on behind the scenes.

In keeping with the reputation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
®, the publishers of the MBTI® in
Europe are, as usual, investing an exhaustive amount of research into these new Step II
assessments. As with any scientifically disciplined empirical studies, the two most important words
are: validity and reliability. As such, these various language's MBTI® Step IIs will not be brought to
the market until and unless their development and subsequent field research meets the stringent
MBTI® standards has always maintained for all its assessments. Stay tuned.....
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