These days, a common misperception is that work is automatically associated with displeasure - and leisure is (only) connected
with joy. If the first part of that thought is true for you, it certainly doesn't have to be. From the "what if?" department - what if
you were involved in a career where you actually became who you are (naturally) as a human being? ...and where your passion
became your profession? - how sweet would that be? Our goal is to help you get there. And if we are successful in that goal,
you will have "worked" your last day, so-to-speak.

We live in an age where there are so many self-help and/or motivational seminars, info-mercials and personality/career
web-sites, it's difficult to tell the ones that are just plain goofy from the ones with merit.  One thing, however, that's nearly
universally true about them is that most are very breezy, one-dimensional and overproduced. And of course, they want you to
pay lots of money in return for these generalized and airy concepts which may or may not apply to you personally. That is,
concepts which lack specificity - are of limited practical use - and soon evaporate when applied to real world situations.  

A second fundamental mistake most of them make is that they try and get you to change aspects of your
become someone you're not. The no-brainer in all life doesn't work that way. And that's where we come into the
Hello everyone and welcome to our web-site:

My name is Terry Marselle and I'm the founder.

Whether it's career exploration, personality validation, or defining your child's learning
style, this may be the single most important web-site you'll ever visit. No joke. Read on.
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become who you
What markedly sets us apart from the above-mentioned herd, is that with great precision, we are able to put into your hands,
highly detailed information about you on an individual level - not something that was printed out from canned software that,
describes you only in very broad-brush, generic terms. To say it in yet, another way, we're here to validate in precise and
concrete terms, that personality-wise, and in the case of students...learning style-wise, it's okay to be you... and with regards
to your chosen's pretty should become who you are.
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We are especially excited over the newest addition to our offerings. The newest (2008) revision to the already highly regarded
Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children is here. It's  affectionally referred to as the 'MMTIC' (M-tick). Every student learns
differently which, of course, is a reflection of their individuality. Personality type has profound implications for both early learning
success as well as healthy type development. In keeping with this, MMTIC™ results give children, teenagers and parents
valuable insights into differences in learning styles, i.e., how information is taken in and decisions are made - as well as healthy
social interactions.

In short, whether you are a fifth-grader, a recent college grad, or a late middle-aged adult who is changing careers - we don't
want anyone to change. More to the point, we don't want you to have to swim upstream in an area of your life where you are
clearly out of your comfort zone. We think you're just fine the way you are. Enjoy our web-site...and perhaps we may be of

Thanks for reading this.

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